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Christine Welch

Christine Welch

Leola, PA

Christine Welch

Several years ago, Welch discovered a 1929 Williamsport Chamber of Commerce booklet, The Susquehanna Trail, produced to entice tourists to travel on a “trail” (once followed by the Iroquois to their council fires) that ran from Washington D.C., through Lycoming County, to Niagara Falls.  Readers were encouraged to enjoy the attractions found along A Ribbon of Concrete thru The American Beautyland–thru Charming Valleys, Inspiring Hills and Majestic Mountains–the Road of Never-Ending Delight.  It occurred to Welch that this auto trail symbolized ideas central to the American psyche, the history of our democratic experiment and our fascination with natural wonder.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center acquired three (3) photographs from Welch’s “The Susquehanna Trail, Road of Never-Ending Delight” series.  This trail is the route between Welch’s home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and her grandparent’s home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  The experience of riding in the backseat of her parent’s car watching the world run past her projected on the side window, has, to a large degree informed her understanding of the landscape and inspired her work for more than twenty years.

Gallery Photo Credit: Harris Fogel

Fast Facts

Name: Christine Welch


Place of Birth: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

1982, M.F.A. (Photography) – University of Delaware
1971, B.A. (Religious Studies) – Franklin and Marshall College

Significant or special training:
1980 – International Center for Photography, studied with Pat Blue
1981 – Maine Photographic Workshops, studied with Sharon Fox

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
Stephen Perloff, editor of the Photo Review

Particular field of study or class work:
MFA: Photography

Major influences/admired artists:
John Szarkowski
Michael Lesy
Estelle Jussim
Elizabeth Lindquist-Cock
Thomas Cole
William Eggleston
Stephen Shore
Robert Adams
George Caleb Bingham

Favorite materials or media:
Photography: large format camera, film, archival pigment print

School or university affiliation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Professor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

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