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Shelly Lependorf

Shelly Lependorf

Philadelphia, PA

Shelly Lependorf

The foundation for my work is the photographic image with the optimal quality of light. Selecting the interplay of composition, form, rhythm, and line is the focus for my imagery. Integrating these elements in the computer is the next stage in the process of merging the visual and intuitive sensibilities toward a completed vision.

The digital medium of photography has established itself in the natural continuum of art history and the ongoing relationship of art with technology. This work forces me to consider a more serene world while reminding me that no contemporary experience is unmediated; technology touches everything. The use of the computer as a tool does not create; it assists creativity resulting in a synthesis of disciplines to be realized as a limited edition. 

The creative process will always remain in the mind and the soul of the artist.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center bought four (4) photographs from artist Shelly Lependorf.  Two are from the Glyph Series while the other two are from the Shirokuro series.

Fast Facts

Name: Shelly Inez Lependorf


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1964 – University of the Arts (Philadelphia College of Art)
1986 – Philadelphia Studio School of Art and Design, Certificate in Graphics, Philadelphia, PA

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
Gertrude Shrote

Particular field of study or class work:

Major influences/admired artists:
Joan Mitchell
Kara Walker
Marlene Dumas
Robert Mapplethorpe
James Tyrrell
Francis Bacon
Jackson Pollock
Henri Matisse
Francesco Clemente
Josef Albers
David Smith
Marc Tobey
Cindy Sherman
Gerard Richter
Richard Tuttle
Agnes Martin
Morris Graves
Francesco Clemente
Mary Ellen Mark

Favorite materials or media:
Mixed Media

Gallery Representation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Carrie Haddad Gallery – Hudson, New York

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