It's Meaning and It's Language

It's Meaning and It's Language
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Mixed Media, Paper, and Acrylic Emulsions on Panel

In the creative process, the silence of all possibility is broken and directed by a single mark or gesture.  When the act of creating gestures or forms is repeated and overlaid or interlaced, it implies intent.  With enough intent, pattern(s) emerge and the elements become associative by design and decision.  A language of formal relationships begins to emerge.  That language does not equate with the spoken word wherein the objective is to create a common cultural construct for mutual understanding.  In art, in Boothe’s art, authenticity of process is its own meaning and when the process of making and the emergent language of response merge, it’s meaning and it’s language.

The circle is the most recognizable and primal geometrical human form.  As a linear construct, it implies the unending or eternal.  As a formal icon, it allows for contained obsessive ‘play.’  The aesthetic here, the thicket of bio-organic daubs of pigment as substance, infused with iridescence, are meant to coax the viewer into an unending internal dialogue – a language that is associative, resonant or reactive, and is broadcast to anyone willing to be vulnerable to sensory impression.

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