A Process of Change

A Process of Change
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Mixed Media, Paper, and Acrylic Emulsions on Panel

In his work over the last 20 years, Boothe has been engaging processes specifically to interrupt and betray ‘bi-literal’ symmetry while reconstituting balance thru improvised recreational color geometry.  Boothe is always looking for the structure and potency of the viewing experience to be activated by the perceptual force between what the viewer perceives "should be" and what actually is.  That unresolved dynamic tension in viewing gives birth to a truly personal response.

In the absence of recognizable representational form, Boothe must depend on another formula for call and response.  In abstraction that agent is the pure alchemical relationship between the elements of color, lines (real or implied) and rhythm.  The viewer must now decipher individual – not collective – meaning. The resonant quality Boothe is aiming for is the shifting reverberations between conditioned perception, knowledge, and the reality of what hasn't exactly been seen before.

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